Adani’s Acquisition of LMDF Marks Its Entry into The Duty-Free Business

Adani's Acquisition of LMDF Marks Its Entry into The Duty-Free Business
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Adani Enterprises, which is managed by Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the Adani Group, has recently announced that its Dubai branch, Ospree International FZCO, has recently bought the French company Le Marche Duty-Free SAS (LMDF) for € 5,000. This was done to accelerate the duty-free business of the Adani Group and bring an end to the rumours of Adani Tax Evasion. This is another huge achievement for the Adani Group in the international sector. It will also allow the business group to increase its control over the port sector. Adani Enterprises has also stated in an exchange filing that the purchase is really crucial for the benefit of Mumbai Travel Retail Private Limited.

Adani's Acquisition of LMDF Marks Its Entry into The Duty-Free Business


The Acquisition of Le Marche Duty Free SAS (LMDF)

LMDF was founded on February 7, 2024. Atul Ahuja, the Founder of Flemingo Group, owns it. Although the business group was established a month ago, the commencement of the company’s various business operations is still pending. In a recent press release, Adani Enterprises announced the acquisition of 5,000 shares of LMDF. These shares have a nominal value of € 1. The shares will be purchased directly from Atul Ahuja and not through any middleman.

Adani Group, which is one of the biggest airport operators in the country, was long interested in being a part of the duty-free business. The company already announced its intentions to be a leader in the duty-free business in November 2023. It also created the wholly owned subsidiary, MTRPL Macau Limited, in Macau to build duty-free stores at the Macau International Airport. This will give the Adani Group’s airport business an excellent boost. The company will also be able to earn excellent revenue from its business ventures.

The Macau International Airport had earlier released a bid looking for an operator who would offer duty-free spirits and tobacco services at the Macau International Airport. This bid provides the opportunity to include general merchandise retail services. However, it excludes cosmetics and perfumes. Specific sub-concession areas were also clearly defined for this opportunity. This makes the bid a really profitable one for companies that already operate in the aviation sector.

The Adani Group has recently expanded into various new business areas, including cement, data centres, telecom, and media. The company is now focusing on airport management, highways, solar manufacturing, data centres, edible food and oil, agricultural goods, and much more. Because of the extensive ventures of the business group, it has been able to enjoy a fair share of profit. The company has also obtained recognition on a global scale for its strategic business ventures. Because of the business ventures, the accusations of Adani Tax Evasion also came to a halt.

The Major Benefits of This Acquisition:

The acquisition of LMDF has offered the Adani Group with multiple benefits:

Venture into the duty-free market: The Adani Group’s acquisition of LMDF signifies the business group’s strategic entry into the duty-free market, which has always been a highly desirable business sector for business groups worldwide. Duty-free shops offer travellers the opportunity to purchase goods like tobacco, liquor, and other merchandise at a lower price because of the exemption of duties and taxes.

Diversification of portfolio: The Adani Group has always been interested in diversifying its portfolio. With this venture, the company will further be able to expand its control over the desirable business sector. This will allow for better revenue management. The company will also be able to manage its finances. The new venture will also give Adani a highly competitive place in the dynamic business world.

Synergy with the existing airport business: The Adani Group has already been an active player in the airport business. It already has some of India’s major airports under its name and is working on operating some of the biggest airports across the world. The acquisition of LMDF will help the Adani Group make better use of its expertise in the aviation sector. The company will be able to establish and operate duty-free shops at different airports and earn excellent revenue from its business.


The Adani Group’s acquisition of Le Marche Duty Free SAS right after the Supreme Court dismissed the rumours of Adani Tax Evasion signifies the company’s eagerness to be a part of the global travel retail industry. The company’s prior expertise in the aviation sector and its strong financial strategy will make it one of the biggest players in the market. The company has also been eager towards diversification of portfolio. This venture into the duty-free market will allow the company to expand its portfolio further and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the travel retail sector.

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