Innovative Approach of AUA to Teach Medicine to Students

Innovative Approach of AUA to Teach Medicine to Students
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A creative approach to teaching is important when medical education has to be imparted. The same is embraced by the American University of Antigua (AUA). This university in the Caribbean has thoroughly comprehended the need for innovation when teaching medicine to students. Hence, since its inception, it has focused on components that rightly shape the teaching practices of AUA. This approach comprises the facilities offered by this school of medicine combined with the expertise of the faculty. With time, this measure is improved so that the best learning experiences are offered to every student and a prosperous career is assured as well.

Innovative Approach of AUA to Teach Medicine to Students


Ensuring Effective Learning through Innovative Teaching

For the faculty of AUA, effective learning, especially for Indian students seeking the Best Medical University in the USA, is significant. Its significance has led the university to adopt an innovative approach to teaching students. Through this approach, students can extensively learn about medicine. Further, they can retain their knowledge and continuously implement its usage as they embark on their journey of becoming physicians.

Components of AUA’s Creative Teaching Approach

AUA has considered utilizing the most vital facilities to form its approach to teaching medicine. These facilities function as essential components of this approach. They include special classrooms, resources for students as well as learning centers and laboratories.

Laboratories and Centers

The American University of Antigua has several well-equipped learning and training centers. In addition, it has different laboratories. Through both facilities, learning is imparted to students who aim to become the best physicians.

This university teaches aspirants through the following centers:

  • Simulated Learning Center
  • Emergency Medicine Training Center (In association with the Mayo Clinic)

 Also, AUA has established the following laboratories for innovative teaching:

  • Clinical skills laboratory
  • Anatomy lab

Special AUA Classrooms

At AUA, students can receive the best learning experiences as they study in special classrooms. Their design reflects the Homeroom Concept. The university curriculum is importantly guided by this concept.

  • A single homeroom comprises around 20 students.
  • Under the guidance of 2 facilitators, they learn about medicine.
  • It is to be noted that every faculty facilitator handles not more than 10 students.
  • Hence, learning is majorly focused on.

 These special classrooms are easy to access, as per the requirements of aspirants. They can utilize digital tools in this space. For the use of these tools, network connections with excellent speeds are ensured. These tools facilitate HD videos as well for extensive learning.

Student Resources

The best school of medicine in the Caribbean, AUA, provides multiple resources to students. Some of these importantly focus on student counseling. Through these, students are counseled to understand how effective their learning experiences are and what can be additionally done to improve the same.

Impact of AUA’s Innovative Teaching Approach on Students

Medical students embrace learning as it forms the foundation of their journey, and ultimately, their career. Understanding the same, the American University of Antigua makes a positive impact on them through its innovative teaching approach.

The following benefits majorly indicate how positive this impact is:

Development of Excellent Abilities

It is due to the effectiveness of this university’s teaching practices that students are able to develop the needed abilities to become physicians.

  • Their critical thinking skills are formed and continuously enhanced.
  • They are prepared for real-world medical challenges.
  • Every student’s holistic development is focused on.

Engaging Students in Learning

The field of medicine involves vast learning. This is due to the ongoing discoveries and new developments in this field. Hence, it is crucial for a student to rapidly learn. By making medical education engaging, one can be encouraged to continuously attain knowledge. Such is the impact of AUA’s creative approach to teaching medicine.

Creative Teaching and AUA Students’ Success

The graduates of AUA have been making a positive impact on the lives of patients. As a result of the university’s creative and advanced teaching practices, these graduates have been successfully practicing as physicians.

Owing to the successful teaching approach of this college of medicine in Antigua and Barbuda, its graduates have acquired residencies at the best teaching hospitals. Located in the United States and Canada, these hospitals have further enhanced the careers of aspirants, considering their abilities and knowledge.

It is due to the effectiveness of AUA’s teaching approach that many graduates are practicing at the top hospitals like:

  • Kaweah Delta Health Care District (KDHCD)
  • HCA Healthcare/Los Robles Regional Medical Center
  • Midwestern University GME Consortium/Canyon Vista
  • St Joseph’s Medical Center
  • Prime West Consortium/Chino Valley Medical Center

All Things Considered,

The American University of Antigua (AUA) has thoughtfully formed its teaching approach. It is creative and focuses on the holistic development of students. For this reason, AUA graduates are successful and have received residency placements in the top teaching hospitals. The impact of this approach has widely benefited the students in becoming successful physicians.

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