Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b For PC

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Hello Friends today We Are Showing in This Post About Android Multi Tool because Many people Are Need And They All Are Find So Friends We Are Sharing Here With You So You Can Easy Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 


Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b For PC

Android Multi Tool
Android Multi Tool

If you’re an Android user then you’re ware using the ADB controls, unroot, copy and restore feature. Today you can do these jobs in your windows machine using this absolutely free Android World Multitool program. As a result of the XDA developer OP, Who lately published this program from the XDA forum to make matters simpler and faster. This free windows application can allow you to conduct a lot of tasks on your own android apparatus without opening the command prompt windows like Install apk documents, change boot cartoon, Unroot the apparatus, backup and restore the date of this telephone or tablet. Must Read: Techy Street – The Tech Blog

Among the simplest methods to conduct these kinds of orders without the knowledge of ADB commands. All you need to set up the tool in your PC C: drive and you’re all set to go. When the Program is installed, reboot your system and appreciate all of the attributes on your desktop computer.

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As we say above to run this program you need to install this program on your Windows C: Drive.

To set up new boot cartoon on almost any Android apk files onto your device you want to put those files from the bootloader or even apk folder. Reboot option is easy to use, click the tab of this reboot choice along with your device will reboot to different modes.

Backup and restore function really nice on each the android apparatus, just click on the tab and backup information will save your android, also in the restore option you are able to restore that backup files in your own apparatus easily and fast. Must Read: Download iMovie for Windows PC

Some characteristic of this application will work just on the Samsung apparatus like Reboot to reboot and download to Recovery. The Program is at the beginning stage and much more attribute will be added shortly on the program.

What is Android Multi Tool?

The software Android Multi-Tool is a great piece of software that runs in your own computer and works with Android devices and allows you to Really perform a variety of functions on Android devices such as:

1. Reset your apparatus completely in cases that you are locked out without having to carry out any complex button combinations.

2. Disables the Various Android locks screens without you losing your data e.g.The Normal Passport display, Face lock, PIN, pattern lock or gesture lock and much more.

3. You can even wipe the information of the device which will lead to full access once more.

4. Read Hardware and software information of your device to identify it and what it’s running.

5. Repair issues like too many pattern attempts.

As long story short if you find yourself locked from any Android apparatus that this great software can help you in recovering access to a device once again which is extremely cool.

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What do the Android Multi tool choices means and if to use them?

1. Check Device: This will validate whether your device is connected to the PC or not, if not check your cable and drivers for your device.

2. Reset Face/PIN Lock: This will not delete your information and disable the facial lock feature, works well with Android 4.X. X

3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock: Will also not influence your mobile’s data, works on the pattern lock and also face lock, following the program does everything the Android device will accept any pattern to unlock. Works using Android 4.X.X and also be sure to enter placing after and disable the pattern or gesture lock.

4. Reset GMail: This should reset your Gmail login in order to permit you to log in once again as soon as you’ve tried your pattern too many times and you are viewing the Too many Pattern effort warning screen.

5. Wipe Data: This choice will Wipe all the data from the device, much like the button combination method except you will not need to press any buttons. I enjoy this as this still functions even if your buttons aren’t functioning or you can not seem to find the button blend right.

6. Reboot: Reboots the device to regular mode.

7. Check apparatus on fastboot mode: Assess device to find out if it is in Fastboot mode.

8. Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode: This may also wipe your information and permit access to your device as option #5 and cache Fastboot mode to solve problems such as fixing your device that stuck on Android Boot logo or that’s hammering and slowing down.

9. Exit fastboot Mode: as the name imply employed for departing Fastboot mode.

10. Go to the command prompt: Enters DOS prompt for manually entering commands for those that are familiar with DOS

S. Software Info: Can give details about: CPU, Firmware and so on of your device.

H. Hardware information: Brings up information on the Camera, touch screen etc of your apparatus.


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So, guys, this is you get Android Multi-Tool. I hope you like it and if you do then subscribe to our website and follow us on Our social media as for latest tech updates. Hopefully, you now understand Android Multi Tool If you have any problem or any idea.. then leave a comment below.?

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