Why Are Gravel Screens in India Important for Driveways?

Why Are Gravel Screens in India Important for Driveways?
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When it comes to the durable but affordable options to make driveways better, gravel screening is the best choice. In case you are new to gravel screens in India, you are in the right spot. Today, we are going to tell you everything about this so that you can have familiarity with its various aspects. So, without further delay, let us get started!

Why Are Gravel Screens in India Important for Driveways?


What does gravel screens or screenings mean?

Also called crushed stone or stone dust, gravel screening is nothing but the smallest crushed rock particles. These particles are typically produced when crushing huge gravel stones. Through gravel screenings, different particle sizes are crafted. This will offer stability along with durability while used for driveways.

Speaking about the materials for driveways, you will be provided with multiple benefits through gravel screenings. Not only will you get a smooth and stable surface, but it also prevents ruts and potholes. Since the smaller particles are there, they ensure better interlocking and longevity.

In addition to this, gravel screens in India promote a better drainage system. The unique composition lets the water invade easily through the driveway’s surface. As a result, it will prevent water buildup and puddles. In case the driveway is situated in an area where heavy rainfall takes place, gravel screening is pretty useful.

What is the gravel screening composition?

The composition mainly depends on the crushed rock or stone’s source. This also consists of a fine mix of stone dust, small stones, sand, and so on. The diversified composition has a critical role when it comes to the gravel screen’s performance.

Talking about the sand particles, they are useful when it comes to filling out the gaps available between the stones. As a result, the surface will become more compact and solid. This helps in enhancing driveways’ stability and load-bearing ability. In addition to this, these small stones help in adding support and strength so that the driveway can easily handle heavy traffic.

When it comes to stone dust, they work as a solid binding agent. They are also helpful for preventing driveways from washing away or shifting. This quality ensures longevity and durability. As a result, gravel screens in India are a trusted choice for every homeowner.

What are the benefits of gravel screenings?

Several factors should be considered for choosing the materials for a driveway. Among all, gravel screens stand out. This is not just reasonably priced but comes with low maintenance, durability, and visual appeal. Besides, it offers several other benefits. Some of them have been listed here:

  • Extremely affordable option

One of the biggest benefits of using this material for a driveway is its affordability. When you compare it with other popular options such as asphalt or concrete, it is way cheaper. This is what makes it an amazing and highly preferred option for homeowners. This is a great way to save more without putting the quality on the side. Furthermore, achieving durability and functionality with gravel screenings is quite affordable. However, proper installation is needed to keep the maintenance cost at the lowest.

  • Ease of maintenance with higher durability

This is something that is best recognized for its durability. Hence, it is a perfect solution for a driveway. In addition to this, gravel screenings are perfect when it comes to resisting wear and tear, handling heavy traffic, and retaining aesthetic appeal. Even after this, you do not have to spend a lot of effort on its maintenance. With occasional replenishment and constant raking, you can easily maintain solid and smooth driveways. Apart from this, even if gravel screening driveways develop cracks or potholes, they are easily repairable.

  • Visual appeal at its best

If you think that affordability means compromising on the visual appeal, then you are wrong. Gravel screens in India are a perfect way to add a touch of aesthetic appeal. How? The gravel screening is capable of creating visually appealing looks – thanks to the color and texture varieties available. Be it a modern home design or you have a place with a rustic allure, gravel driveways can effortlessly be blended.

What is the installation process?

To install gravel screenings, you will need to follow the steps listed here:

  • First and foremost, you should clean the area and level the surface. Once you do it, you can go ahead to create a solid foundation with the help of hand tampers.
  • Secondly, distribute the screens evenly. Now, use a mechanical spreader to spread the gravel screens in India to achieve a smooth surface.
  • Lastly, place a hand tamper or roller to even the surface. This is a critical step to make sure the driveway is stable and durable enough to handle vehicles.

Final takeaways

Once you are done with the above-listed points, you should focus on regular cleaning, instant repairing, sustainability, and so on. In case you need the best quality gravel screens in India, you must trust Etrack Crushers. Here, you will also need professional assistance along with constant support. For more details, you can visit its official website.

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