5 Online Ludo Game Tricks You Must Know

Online Ludo Game Tricks
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Board games have always been a saviour for many by being the best way to kill time. However, among the lot, IndiaLudo now dominates every heart. But, what are some online ludo game tricks you must know in order to win the game? Download online ludo, play smart!

Although a lot of users believe that luck has a role to play in these games, what if we tell you it is all the otherwise facts that play significant roles in the game? But despite all the guilt people put on to karma, one can still increase their chances of winning these games by following the tips:

Online Ludo Game Tricks


1. Get your pieces placed out soon:

The most important tip and rather, a strategy of all is to get your pieces out as early as possible and scattering it at the ends wisely for a good ludo game online. If you only think it is justifiable to put all of your investments into just one piece, you will later have no choice but to stand at an end where you will have no alternatives whatsoever to stand on the star position.

2. Get into the stars:

Before anything you do, aim for getting into the stars because that’s the best way to save yourself from getting killed by your opponents! In fact, you can opt to double your pieces into a place. Although, this rule might be different for different aspects of the game, but aiming for it from the start is the real hack! Ludo game app has the features to favour you at all points!

3. Save the piece close to the home:

Basically, the importance of a piece depends on its proximity to the home. Which directly tells you that a piece close to entering its end home is more important than the one just starting the game from its early point in the game.

The question remains, do you know both how to win ludo, how to play?

If you in any way have to risk your pieces to leave the stars, then the best advice is to risk the one closest to the starting point in 1st and 2nd point. Preserve your pieces near to the end home.

4. Don’t kill the opponents always:

Killing your opponent’s piece is as thrilling as it might sound, but before absolutely any move, you should calculate your own risks about troubling the piece from your house! Speaking of which, think ahead of your opponents, because that is the tip not many give, but surely comes into a huge support system when used properly.

5. Stop making mistakes:

Do not make silly mistakes like moving a piece that you did not think for in the first place or because you were absent minded, you forgot to kill your opponent. The game will not understand your lack of attention. While some mistakes are forgivable, a few like these aren’t.


However, the methodologies, tips, and deceives are by present to help you settle on the best choice. Be certain, take as much time as is needed to think (but not to the limit that can annoy your opponent).

Think heretofore and then go to ludo app download. It’s all in the training. The more you play, the better would be in your most ideal move. If you want to play better at each level of the game, then the first tip to everything is your presence of mind.

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