Book Review: The Power of Positive Thinking

Book Review The Power of Positive Thinking
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How’s it going everybody in this blog i am going to be doing a review of the book the power of positive thinking by norman peale the power of positive thinking is best for those who are either into christianity or do not mind a really heavy framing of christianity and also want to learn some positive thinking techniques also those who do not mind repetition difficulty to digest the power of positive thinking is really easy to digest there’s not anything too crazy in there it’s a little bit dated so some of the phrasing uh might be a little old but it’s pretty easy to understand and then all of the concepts are backed up by a huge number of stories key insights so the power of positive

Book Review The Power of Positive Thinking

Thinking is definitely heavily christian and sprinkled throughout there are a couple of validated ideas for increasing positive thinking or general well-being or while reframing those kinds of things each point in the book is outlined and then backed up with quite a few stories so it’s really easy to follow one of the main themes in the power of positive thinking is visualizing and expecting good outcomes and positive outcomes so a lot of the book focuses on different habits that you can build or exercises that you can do to have these kinds of visualizations or just generally expect and see better outcomes for yourself so that you are more able to reach them now the book definitely talks about that heavily through the lens of faith although you do not necessarily need that particular framing to get use out of some of the ideas another theme that comes up is putting.

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You know helpful messages into your mind again heavily influenced by scriptures and christianity but again the idea of just getting positive mantras into your mind and having them available uh is generally a useful tactic another major theme in the power of positive thinking is slowing down and being intentional so there’s quite a bit of speaking about people just trying to get too much done go too fast feel like they never have any free time and also kind of the idea that people are just mindlessly doing task after task so there is a focus on really stepping back slowing down if you are feeling that way seeing what you can do to put yourself back in a place of peace and calm and move more slowly so that you do not have this constant stress building up and having negative.

Physical effects on you as well all in all the power of positive thinking is a fairly long read but really easy to follow along with and there are quite a few stories so it’s not a difficult read but it does get pretty repetitive at times so final opinion the power of positive thinking is definitely a christian book as you have probably heard me mention a few times so it’s only going to be useful probably for those who fit squarely into that camp or do not really care that it fits into that camp the other piece is that it has not aged especially well right it’s a little bit older some of the concepts are outdated so for most people this is not going to be the best most straightforward resource that you can find and i am going to recommend that you probably look elsewhere.

If it happens to fit into that narrow niche of fitting your exact religion and you do not mind that it’s a little bit older and you do not mind plugging through a ton of stories then you might be able to pull some value out of it other considerations so this book was recommended to me as just kind of a general self-help personal development resource uh after reading through it it is definitely nothing of the sort it is extremely heavily christian pretty much every other sentence has something to do with god or faith or scripture verse so it’s certainly not a general resource right it is a very niche resource and i wish that someone would have made that more clear to me going into it because i thought maybe it had a couple little themes here and there but it is definitely the underlying main theme throughout the entire book and like i mentioned before there are a number of sections that have not aged especially well or just do not stand up very well anymore so for example it uses uh the words introversion and loneliness

¬†almost interchangeably and that’s not really a fair characterization of being introverted or really a fair understanding of what it is so there are a number of things like that spread throughout the book that even though some of those ideas are still pervasive today they are not well thought out or at least not up to the most standard body of knowledge right now uh so you could end up you know a little bit confused or off the path of things that are going to be the most useful on to the reflection questions one what are your expectations of future outcomes two how often do you feel rushed how can you slow down and feel more balanced three what content do you generally consume does it increase calm or reduce it so i hope that helps you get the idea of what


The power of positive thinking is all about again really only going to recommend it for people who are christian and want a personal development book that’s a little bit older and really heavily influenced by those themes otherwise you are probably gonna be better served by other resources that’s all i have got for this blog so as always if you have any questions comments topics you want me to cover throw them down in the box below i will get to them as soon as i can and i will see you next time you can 5:28 check out more content at also do not forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date on the blog we have also got a twitter instagram and facebook that you can check out reflect take action and enjoy life see you next time

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