How To Fix https aka ms remoteconnect Not Working Error

https remoteconnect
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Minecraft has managed to create an unmatched fan following among gaming enthusiasts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game has more than 141 million monthly active players. If you are an avid Minecraft player, then the chances of you being aware of the https remoteconnect URL function is high. In that case, you must also be aware that this website stops responding. If you are looking for an answer on how to fix https remoteconnect not working Error in a few steps, then you have come to the right page. 



A brief description of Minecraft and reasons for its popularity:

Minecraft is a sandbox game. Players explore and build the virtual world of Minecraft using blocks. As suggested by the name, it requires players to mine craft items, resources, and create structures using the mined items.

The game promotes creativity and is probably one of the main reasons why the it is so popular amongst gamers across age groups.

Understanding the role of https remoteconnect:

The website https remoteconnect is used when Minecraft players wish to play a multiplayer game on different types of devices. It means that through this website, players that have different types of gaming consoles such as Xbox, Switch, PS, Smartphone, or even a basic computer, can play this game together.

Traditionally, most of the games require players to have the same kind of technical setup. However, this is not a mandate when Minecraft players use the https remoteconnect link.

Lately, many people have reported encountering errors while trying to access the page and seeking an effective response to how to fix https remoteconnect not working Error in a few steps. Let’s start with the first method you can use to correct this error.

1- Restart the System

Sometimes, the answer is in front of us but we tend to ignore it and this is almost true for all IT-related errors. Try restarting your system and checking if the https remoteconnect not working error has been resolved.

2- Use the sign-in code from Minecraft

code from Minecraft

One of the easiest ways to log in to Minecraft is using the Microsoft sign-in code. Mentioned below are the steps on how to retrieve the code and use it effectively.

  • Launch the Minecraft game on your system
  • Locate the Sign-in Multiplayer option and click on it
  • You will have to link your current Microsoft account. You can log in with a current Microsoft that are using
  • Make sure to open the link to your Microsoft account in a new window where you will be provided with an 8-digit code
  • Once you are logged in, open a new tab but in the same browser and enter the code where it asks you to
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button and simply follow the steps that will help you in connecting the device using Remote Connect

3- Make sure that the Microsoft account is not being used anywhere else

Microsoft account

If the Microsoft account that you are currently using to access the Remote Connect webpage is being used on some other device, then you are bound to get the https remoteconnect not working error on your current device. This is especially true if the Microsoft account is active on a console different from your device.

The solution is pretty simple. Try and check if the account is active on other devices that you regularly use. You can either choose to create a new Microsoft account for the new device or log out from your account on previous devices.

4- Erase previously saved Minecraft game data

Minecraft game data

Sometimes, the main reason for https remoteconnect not working issue, is due to saved Minecraft game data in your device. Such information can lead to files getting corrupted leading up to the crashing of the remote connections.

Here are the steps that will help you delete saved Minecraft game data:

  • Launch the Minecraft game
  • Go to the ‘System Setting’ and navigate to ‘Storage Option’
  • Check and confirm your saved game files
  • Delete these files by selecting the ‘Delete’ icon
  • Go back to the main menu in the game. Log in one more time and try accessing the Remote Connect URL

5- The last resort!

If all else fails and nothing seems to work, your best bet is to log out from the game completely. Uninstall the application and then reinstall it. We know it is not the ideal choice because who wishes to go through the hassle again when you are all geared up, but sometimes this method is the only way you can fix https remoteconnect not working error in a few steps.

If you come across an error while playing on PS4/PS5, the information below is for you. Use the steps mentioned and quickly resolve this issue. 

Steps to follow:

  • First, uninstall the Minecraft game from your gaming station
  • Download the game from PlayStation and reinstall it
  • Launch the game and try connecting to the webpage
  • On a different device, log in to https remoteconnect using the 8-digit code and your Microsoft account
  • Enter the code and start playing the game

If the code does not work, try creating another code using a new Microsoft account

Supposing the issue is still unresolved and you are not sure what to do, we recommend contacting the customer support team of Minecraft as they should be able to help you with the https remoteconnect not working error.

Follow these steps to raise your question: 

  • Visit the Minecraft help center page
  • Raise support ticket by filling in the necessary fields such as Language, Game Title, Gaming platform, Question category, Personal information, and Issue Description

The team will get back to you as per their protocol and help you with all Minecraft-related issues. 


Minecraft is an excellent game and the experience becomes even better when you play it with a group of gaming enthusiasts. https remoteconnect is a secure connection that allows you to play the game with your friends or other players without having to worry about the device that you own. The https remoteconnect is a common error but can be easily fixed, so try and make the best use of this website.

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