Professional Blog Writing – [Complete Tips Step By Step]

Professional Blog Writing
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Are you thinking of Professional Blog Writing or you are confused about how to write and what to write?

Here are the answers to all your questions.

First of all, we need to know what is writing? Only penning down everything you know is not writing especially in blogs. To express your knowledge your experience from the words is called writing.

I know the dilemma and fear before writing any blogs. That’s why today I am writing this to share my experience with you.

 One of the important thing which stuck in mind before writing is “will the audience read my blog?” “is my blog is expressive?” or “am I writing exceptionally?” there are many questions in our head before writing and these questions turn into fear. But we need to face this fear so that we can write exceptionally.


Professional Blog Writing

Professional Blog Writing
Professional Blog Writing

Here are my tips and tricks for outstanding writing.

Focus on the topic:

Choosing a topic is the very initial stage of writing. before writing a blog, choosing an appropriate topic is the major factor for a great blog. For that, you have to be focused. You have to understand and know about the topic you are going to select. The topic and the title must be easy, audience-friendly and easy to understand. Your topic will be the first line audience will read. It must be eye-catching and also understandable. For example, if your blog is on food recipe your blog title should be “How to make noodles?” not “How to make noodles from scratches?” which is quite complicated. So make your topic and title easy, simple and sweet.

Don’t get confused:

When it comes to writing, especially in blog writing we mostly get confused about what to write about. It’s like we know many things but confused about what to write about. Let me make this understand you in a better way. Suppose if a chef wants to write a blog it is obvious that he/she will write anything related to food. And the confusion starts from here, being a chef he must know about food recipes and he also knows about the nutrition components in the food. But he is confused about what to write about.

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So, ultimately don’t get confused. Analyze the value of the topic and then set your mind. Your analyzation should be as per the targeted audience.

Choose the right audience:

Audience is the centre point. Here audience means the people who are going to read your blog. You are writing for your audience, your user. You should be aware of your targeted audience. Your blog and blog topic should be based on the audience. I would like to suggest you choose your audience wisely. Don’t use complicated words or phrases if your readers are children. Try to understand the mind of the audience. According to them give your overview. Your hard work of writing will pay off, if and only if you can hit your targeted audience.

Do proper Research:

Be a proper reader. Before writing anything, it is suggested that do proper research regarding that topic. Whether you have proper knowledge about that certain topic but still doing proper research and reading about that is preferable. Touch each and every corner of that topic whether you are going to write in a brief or not. Doing proper research will help you to understand the topic in a better way before writing on it. if you, yourself will not understand about the thing you are writing then how can you able to make understand your targeted audience.

So, the best option is doing proper research more and more. The more you spend your time reading and researching the more you can write more efficiently and creatively.

Make your sentence easily readable:

There is no use of writing anything until or unless it is understood by the reader. Make sure to make your sentence easily and readable to the users. Don’t use many complicated words and tough words which are hard to understand. Use simple and easy words to make it understandable. And make sure to limit your word count. Don’t try to overuse the words and sentences and make it long. The long tail sentences distract the audience from reading. They don’t feel like reading the blog further.

Two important factors to hold the audience in your blog are used easy and simple words and sentences and avoid long tail sentences. Make things simple and clear that’s all.

Make it relatable with the targeted audience:

Last but not the least, one of the important factors of holding your audience or readers in your blog makes your blog and blog topics relatable to the targeted audience. Suppose if your targeted audience is from the age group of 30 to 40 then you should write about the things which are related to their age. Choose your writing according to that only. And here you are all set to go.

At last, I want to suggest just be confident about your writing, go through the tips given above and you are all ready to hit the floor.

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