The Simple Guide To Writing Marketing Emails

The Simple Guide To Writing Marketing Emails
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A marketing email is meant to bring people’s attention to your business through personal correspondence. While they do know that the email is sent to hundreds or thousands of people, they expect the best when they do read these emails.

The Simple Guide To Writing Marketing Emails

The purpose of these emails is to keep your company relevant, while giving value to the subscribers. Here are ways email marketing gives value to your clients:

  1. They get exclusive access to content that only you can provide.
  2. They get large discounts that bring more sales to your company.
  3. They receive helpful information that they can use in their daily lives.

There are more ways to use email marketing to help your business thrive. However, you need to start with something simple. Here is a guide to help you get started:


1. Choose a mail sending service.

The most popular mailing service right now is Mailchimp, but there are also others like simplelists that have various benefits. However, there is software that combines email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing as well. You save more when you purchase combination marketing software, but it’s best to start with a simple mailing service first.

2. Add something valuable to your site that people can get only if they subscribe.

These can include white papers, case studies, exclusive tips, discounts, and other special offers. You can market this by using ads or posting frequently about it on social media. Once you get a mailing list, it’s time to start your email campaign.

3. Your first email should be a welcome email and what people can expect if they continue to subscribe.

This email is the most important one yet. This email will let the subscriber decide whether they want to keep receiving emails or not. Of course, the email should include the freebie you gave out. Now, you should explain what you have in store and why they should keep reading your emails. 

4. How to Keep Your Subscribers

One of the most common reasons why people unsubscribe to newsletters is because the information you are sending is no longer relevant to their needs. To keep your subscribers, you should anticipate what your audience wants to know. You can find out by doing surveys on social media or on your website.

5. Types of Newsletters That Are Effective

    1. Huge Discounts
      1. People prefer to click through discounts of 50% off or higher. Try not to send 10% off emails because it will simply be thrown in the trash.
    2. Limited Time Offers
      1. You can send as many as five reminder emails that you have an offer that is about to end. The important thing to remember is that you have to remove the offer when you say it ends.
    3. Exclusive Tips and Articles
      1. Make sure that it is original and has never been published anywhere else. The idea has to be something unique. After a month or so, you can publish it online for repurposing.
    4. Event Announcements
      1. Almost anyone opens event announcements should they want to be included in the proceedings. However, you should target this by location.

With these simple guide, you can start your email campaign and get positive results. Just make sure that your email copy is impressive enough for your list of subscribers.


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