S&P Global Ratings Speculates No Wrongdoings by Adani Electricity and Adani Ports

S&P Global Ratings Speculates No Wrongdoings by Adani Electricity and Adani Ports
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With the latest Adani and Hindenburg case development, the S&P Global Rating Agency declared that they had not uncovered any wrongdoings by Adani companies. S&P reports it revised its outlook on two Adani Group companies to stable from negative, citing that regulatory investigations into the group have not found any wrongdoings from the company. This development from S&P arrived just a few days before the Hindenburg report’s first anniversary. In the recent judgment by the Supreme Court on the Hindenburg Report Adani, the Supreme Court has dismissed requests to create a special investigation team or transfer the probe into the allegations by Hindenburg against the Adani group to the CBI.

S&P Global Ratings Speculates No Wrongdoings by Adani Electricity and Adani Ports

Adani Group and the S&P Global Ratings

S&P Global Rating Agency is an accredited rating agency that is globally respected; it is paired with some unparalleled thought leadership that helps promote universal benchmarking, transparency, and business growth. Their integrated offering of credit ratings, risk research, and even critical thoughts are beneficial in translating complexity into clarity so that the market participants can make decisions with utmost conviction.

Adani Group, which has been struggling with the allegations from the Hindenburg Report, has been relieved from the recent Supreme Court judgments. The bench declared no need to create a special investigation team to look into the allegations by the Hindenburg Report Adani. The S&P Rating Agency recently submitted its report to the media regarding no wrongdoings, malicious activities, or stock price manipulations found under the Adani Group companies, especially Adani Ports and Adani Electricity. 

Adani Electricity- Catering electricity needs

Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. (AEML), a subsidiary of Adani Energy Solutions Ltd., a majority-owned subsidiary, is an integrated utility. The company has been serving its 12 million consumers from all across the country.

The company is spread across 400 sq. km in Mumbai and its suburbs, with 99.99% reliability, the highest in the country. Adani Electricity fulfills the 2000 MW of demand in Mumbai’s largest and most efficient power distribution network. It is ranked the No.1 utility in India by the Ministry of Power, PFC, and McKinsey.

It also provides world-class customer care services with assistance from advanced technologies. AESL also distributes power to the industrial consumer base in the Mundra SEZ region through wholly owned subsidiary MPSEZ Utility Ltd. (MUL), thus catering to more than 80 consumers.

In the recent update by the S&P Global Ratings for Adani Electricity, the agency assumes and expects its ability to improve its operating cash flow compared to its debt to 10% above in fiscal 2024-25. Also, the following judgment from the Supreme Court from Hindenburg Report Adani Group requires no further probes as the Adani Group has already completed its 22 investigations out of the 24 allegations. Also, the apex body has given SEBI three months to investigate the two remaining claims related to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI).

Adani Ports  

Adani Ports is the largest commercial port operator, and they are contributing to the country’s growing trade. Its spread across 13 domestic ports in eight maritime states- Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and West Bengal lend it a national presence. The port facilities are highly equipped with the latest cargo handling infrastructure that is both best-in-class and capable of handling the largest vessels calling at Indian shores.

The ports are equipped to handle diverse cargo. Spread over 15,000 hectares on the western coast of India’s Gulf of Kachchh in the vibrant, industrialized, and investor-friendly state of Gujarat, the Mundra economic hub is the gateway for Indian exports and imports. Leveraging the benefit of the robust port infrastructure, the Mundra Manufacturing Zone offers the best opportunity for investment for some diversified industries. It can show developed industrial clusters for small/medium projects and facilitate mega projects with the desired land parcel, along with excellent logistics, power reliability, and utilities.

The port-based multi-product manufacturing and services zone is well connected to all central global locations through the sea. Adani Port and Special Economic Zone’s integrated model helps reduce the time to reach the market and provides significant cost savings without compromising quality, safety, and delivery time. 


S & P Global Ratings Agency declared that Adani Group is not involved in fraud or wrongdoings in its recent media updates. Adani Electricity and Adani Ports and Logistics under Adani Groups are not involved in any malicious activities, according to S&P Reports. Also, both companies are expected to stabilize their operations, and the management will adjust its growth aspirations, shareholder distributions, and investments in the coming two years. The recent Supreme Court judgments on the Hindenburg Report Adani require no further allegations.

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