The Safest Medication For Narcolepsy

Safest Medication For Narcolepsy
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Do you feel tired even after sleeping well at night? Or Do you fall asleep while working or studying ? Are you unable to focus on your work? Do you sleep at odd times and can’t sleep at night? If the answer to the above questions is yes. Then it is possible that you have Narcolepsy. But what is this? Well, in simple words it is a sleeping disorder where you are unable to fall asleep at your will and tend to fall asleep at odd hours involuntarily.

Safest Medication For Narcolepsy

Here we will talk about Narcolepsy, its symptoms, treatment and the safest way to treat it without extreme side effects on a person. And a safe and authentic place to order modafinil online.


What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder where a person has no control over his or her sleeping tendencies, throughout the day and night. In Narcolepsy, it is seen that the patient has experienced extreme drowsiness and tiredness throughout the day but they are unable to sleep at night or in their designated sleep schedule.

This neurological disorder does not have any treatment that will solve this problem from its root cause. The most challenging aspect is that scientists are still unable to confirm that if it is caused due to hereditary genes, if yes then which Genes are responsible for it? We are still unsure about it.

How It Affects You?

If you are suffering from Narcolepsy or gathering information about this illness. It is important to know how it will affect one’s life. There are some common symptoms that people with narcolepsy suffer from. We have listed the most common and characteristic symptoms down below:-

  • EDS (Excessive Daytime Disorder) – This is the characteristic symptom of Narcolepsy. In this symptom the person is observed to be unable to sleep at night or have very poor sleep quality and at day time or at time of work they fall asleep at odd times. It is different from a messed up sleeping schedule as the person can fall asleep during any activity or action like while talking to someone, while eating or even standing even if they had a well rested sleep at night.
  • Disrupted Sleep – Normally when we are extremely tired, most of us fall into a very deep slumber at night and wake up feeling refreshed if we sleep for the right number of hours but sadly, this is not the case for narcoleptic people. They can not have a deep or high quality sleep no matter how tired they are. Which results in dozing off at odd and unexpected timings throughout the day.
  • Sleep Paralysis – As the name suggests, in this symptom the person undergoes a feeling of paralysis during their sleep which means that they are unable to move their body or any other part despite being conscious. This condition happens in the Frontal Lobe which is present just behind our forehead. It is responsible for consciousness and cognitive skill. And cerebrum is responsible for voluntary action. During sleep paralysis our Frontal lobe is active but Cerebrum is dormant due to which the person experiences a paralysis. It is accompanied with lucid dreaming where a person is fully conscious but is unable to move their limbs.
  • Hallucination – Hallucination is a condition where a person feels real sensory response to the things that do not exist. During this a person can experience smelling, seeing visions or feeling sensation that is not present in the surrounding. While it is not a common symptom in narcolepsy, the person is usually aware of it and despite knowing all this, it can be a frightening experience.
  • Cataplexy – This condition is common in the rarer cases of Narcolepsy which is called Narcolepsy Type 1 which is experienced with the lesser population. In Cataplexy, the muscles contract or relax against our will which can happen when a person experiences a strong emotion like excitement, stress, fear, happiness, sadness Etc. In Cataplexy the person can experience dropping of eyelids, jaw dropping or whole body falling down and so forth.

How Can You Treat It?

While there are no solid solutions to this problem to tackle this illness from its root cause. Scientists have developed medication for the symptoms of Narcolepsy. We have listed them down below:-

  • CNS Stimulant – CNS stands for Central Nervous System which includes our Brain and Spinal cord. CNS stimulants are responsible for alertness and wakefulness of an individual. CNS stimulants like eugeroics, Adderall and ritalin are prescribed by doctors.
  • GABA Inhibitors- GABA transmitters are responsible for rest, sleep and relaxing of the body. GABA inhibitors like Xylem have similar molecular structure as GABA transmitters. So these GABA inhibitors bind with the receptors of the nervous system due to which no actual GABA transmitter binds with the nervous system and this results in less amount of sleep hormone released in the body.

 Modafinil – The safest medication For Narcolepsy

 Modafinil is from the Eugeroics class of medicine. The eugeroics medicines are the category which work as CNS Stimulant. Modafinil acts as a CNS stimulant which promotes wakefulness and alertness in a person. The modafinil molecules bind with the dopamine which increases the amount of dopamine released and results in effective and prolong effects of Dopamine. Hence it works by altering the Dopamine pathways to promote alertness and focus.

There are other CNS Stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin but these medicines have dangerous side effects and people are reported to have increased addiction and dependency with prolonged use. But modafinil is a new medicine which does not create dependency or addiction with its use. Which makes it the safest medicine present in the market.

 At last

We hope that our article was helpful for you to know about narcolepsy and its medications. In this article we covered narcolepsy, its symptoms, its treatment in brief along with the information of safest medicine present in the market.  Make sure to buy modafinil online from a FDA approved authentic website which has trusted vendors.

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