Can Buddha Statue Be Given as Gifts?

Medicine Buddha
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Lord Buddha is the symbol of Kindness, knowledge, love and compassion. Whenever we hear Lord Buddha we think about a man with a gentle and peaceful smile who knows the truth of life and secrets of the Universe. Lord Buddha is known as the Founder of Buddhism and his teachings have made the world a better place. So the question arises Can Buddha Statue Be Given As Gifts? The answer is yes. We can give Buddha Statue as a gift. Actually this is a very thoughtful idea.

Why do we give gifts to someone? It is to show them that we love them, appreciate their efforts. A meaningful gift will make things more memorable and emotional. Gifting a Brass Buddha Statue fulfils all these expectations. Plus Gifting a Brass Buddha statue can make you stand out in a party, occasion or an event.

Here we will tell you about the benefits of Gifting a Brass Buddha statue and which Buddha statue is the one for you to give.  


Benefits of Gifting A Brass Buddha Statue

  • Brings prosperity- Everyone wishes good fortune, well wishes and prosperity to our loved ones and people we wish well for. A brass buddha statue is said to bring prosperity and remove the hurdles present in the path of our prosperity.
  • Removes Negative energy- Anger, frustration, annoyance, Jealousy, guilt and other anti positive emotions if you are feeling these emotions on a daily basis. Then there are high chances that there is an accumulation of negative energy in your surroundings. One of the most effective solutions to this is by placing a brass buddha statue in our surroundings, it is believed that a Brass buddha is a constant source of positive energy. Which will help you to fight with negative energy in your surroundings.
  • Helps with Increasing concentration- Smartphones, Internet, social media have made our life easier, without a doubt but with its benefits we have also got a bunch load of drawbacks. One of them is lack of concentration, these days, with everyone trying to get your attention have resulted in lack of concentration and difficulty to focus. It is believed that by having a Brass buddha statue purifies the air and fills it with positive vibration, which can result in better focus and concentration.
  • Helps with solving vastu problems- Are your family members always fighting, bickering and getting angry frequently. This could be due to the Vastu Defects in one’s house, it can have adverse effects on a person and his or her life.
  • Blessed with good health- If one of your dear ones is sick or recovering from a sickness then a brass Buddha Statue is a great gift for them is it believed that if a person prays to lord buddha then Lord Buddha blesses the person with good health and faster recovery.

Types of Brass Buddha Statue

Now that we have read the benefits of giving a Brass Buddha statue. We hope that now you are certain to give a buddha statue as a gift but now the question arises which one? I mean there are many different types of buddha statues. How can you possibly know which is the best for you? For that reason we have listed a few Most popular brass Buddha Statues which are the best for Gifting.

To know about them, keep reading.

Types of Brass Buddha Statue

  • Meditating Buddha- Having trouble focusing on your work or do you have a friend who is unable to concentrate in their meditating session. Having a brass buddha statue is said to bring positivity, peace and harmony. The meditating buddha statues are known for their powers to increase the frequency of a place which removes the negative energy of stress, frustration, anger, worry and other negative things which will help you to focus better.
    Meditating Buddha
  • Sleeping Buddha- Are you having trouble sleeping or having constant nightmares, or are your friends or family members who are unable to have a good night’s sleep? There are multiple reasons for that to happen, one of which could be the presence of negative energy in our surroundings. Having a sleeping buddha can help with the removal of all kinds of negative energy which will bring peace, serene and tranquillity back into their life and help them to have a good sleep.
  • Medicine Buddha- Everyone wants to be fit, healthy and disease free both mentally and physically. And one of the best ways to symbolise your best wishes is by gifting a Medicine buddha. The Medicine Buddha is the symbol of good health and disease free life. What else could be a better gift than a statue that brings prosperity, good health and love to the receiver of a gift from the giver.

Medicine Buddha

  • Buddha Head- Do you have a friend who loves to decorate the house or someone who is a firm believer of having good vibration, then I have a good idea of what you should give them. A buddha head statue is a symbol of serenity, peace and enlightenment. Along with all that it could be a great piece to elevate one’s atmosphere. A beautiful shiny Brass Buddha Statue who will be the ultimate source of happiness, peace and harmony in one’s life. 


We have listed some of the most thoughtful and meaningful list of Brass Buddha Statues that will bring a smile to the face and joy to the life of the person who receives it along with a sense of pride, satisfaction and relief to the giver of the gift.

Hope this article was helpful in your journey to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Good Luck and All the best with choosing your gift!

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