How To Change Skype id

How To Change Skype Name
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Hello, Folks Today We are Discussing How To Change Skype id Because Many People Are Facing Problem And They Are Not Able To How To Change Skype id So Friends Don’t Worry Here We will Full Guide So You Can Easily Change Your Skype id.

Skype is one of the Best video calling software for Android/Windows/Mac and iOS users. If you want to random video chat with your phone or computer, then Skype can be the best apk For it. I believe you are reading this post it means you were already using Skype. Are you searching for How To Change Skype Id?


How To Change Skype id

How To Change Skype id
Easy To Fix Your How To Change Skype id Problem

Skype could be a package by that you’ll decision audio or video in free. Skype conjointly runs on the phone, in order, that means that we will run skype on our mobile too, and might connect with anyone sitting in any corner of the planet. You’ll conjointly speak by Skype.

The unique feature of Skype is that Skype makes a specialty of video and audio vocation, this is often an excellent package to form video audio calls. Skype was purchased your time past by Microsoft, that has improved its position and quality market.

According to Wikipedia, regarding four-hundredth of individuals use Skype for international vocation. The explanation for this may be that ISD calls square measure costly, and by skype you’ll be able to decide to mobile or phone line at the low price. However, Skype to Skype is Free.

In 2014, Asian country removed Skype to mobile and phone line feature. However, you’ll be able to still create Skype-to-Skype calls or International mobile and phone line calls.

If you’re mistreatment Skype for a protracted time and you wish to vary skype username, then you’re at the proper palace. First off we have spoken communication you clearly that there are no Official thanks to amendment Skype Username. During this post, We are aiming to share with you the way to How To Change Skype id?


How To Change Skype Name
Easy To Fix Your How To Change Skype Name Problem

If you are using the Android smartphone and you want to change Skype name. Then there is a very Easy process for it. Just follow the step by step guide we have Mention Below. So You Can Easily Solve Your How To Change Skype Name Problem is Solve.

  • Open your Skype app on your smartphone.
  • Click on your Skype profile image at the top of the page.
  • Click on your Skype display name (or the Edit icon next to the display name)
  • Now Just type a new name
  • Click Done, or click on the checkmark icon on the right-hand side of the Your name.

That’s it you have successfully changed your Skype display name of skype id


Friends as I earlier told you that there is not any official way to change Skype id or username. But still, there is a way by which you can quickly change your Skype username. You can change skype ID by changing associated email address with your account.

However, if you think practically then If you change your email address then it can be a little difficult for your friends to find you on Skype. Because I have already told you that Skype username is something that your friends need to find you. So If you change username then First you need to tell your friends about your new usernames. If you are ok with it, then let’s process to the tutorial.

How to change skype id
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  • First of Go to The
  • Tap on the name in the Right-top corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears on The screen, Tap on My Account.
  • Scroll Down to the Your Contact details and Tap Edit Your profile.
  • There you need only to Type in an alternative Your Email ID in the Your Email Address box.
  • Tap on Save, near the top-right corner of the page.
  • Tap  OK to confirm the change.


So, guys, this is you get How To Change Skype Name. I hope you like it and if you do then subscribe to our website and follow us on Our social media as for latest tech updates. Hopefully, you now understand How To Change Skype Id If you have any problem or any idea.. then leave a comment below.?

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