How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android

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Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android: Today, in this artice we are introducing about new interesting feature of whatsapp and also we talks about How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on android. Earlier this month, Whatsapp added support for stickers on its platform. By default, Whatspe has added a few set of stickers, though it is also allowing developers and designers to release their own sticker packs. So, this means that someone can add their custom sticker pack to whitspeed. Catch? The process should be slightly more complex than the process and since the sticker support was only introduced, the market is empty.

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How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android

Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android
Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android

At present, the original stickers collection of whatsapp is limited rather than a collection. However, the company is encouraging independent developers to bundle additional sticker packs through third-party iOS or Android apps.

How to create custom stickers for WhatsApp

Whatsapp has provided many requirements for making stickers for WhatsApp.

  • Each sticker is an image that has a transparent background.
  • Each sticker should be less than 100 KB.
  • The sticker must be exactly 512 × 512 pixels.

For your sticker art, you can either collect sticker-ready images directly from the web in PNG and webpage formats or manually create them in the photo editing app. In addition, you also need at least three images to create a sticker pack on WhatsApp.

Although you can use a computer or smartphone for this purpose, but it is better to use desktop apps such as photoshop to better accuracy with edge selection and other advanced editing needs.

Note: The method we are going to follow automatically tries to take care of the most sticker requirements of whatsapp; However, for best results, it is recommended that you follow these requirements as soon as possible.4

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How To Add custom stickers to WhatsApp on Android

To import and use your custom stickers on WhatsApp, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Download Personal Stickers for Whatsapp from Google Play Make sure to move the images you want to use as a sticker in your device’s internal storage inside a folder. Where you store a sticker, its folder name will also be the name of the sticker pack. So be sure to change the name of the folder accordingly.
  • Step 2: The images you want to use as a sticker should be in PNG format and make sure they are not too large in size. You will need at least 3 stickers / images to create custom sticker packs for whatsapp. Tap the Add button and you are done!
  • Step 3: To use the sticker pack, open a chat box in WhatsApp, tap the emoji button after the sticker button below. You will then see the custom sticker pack that was added to WhatsApp.


Once the import is complete, you should get a newly added sticker pack in WhatsAppSee. In WhatsApp, open chat, tap the Emoji icon in the lower-left corner and select the Sticker tab. The extra whitspeed stickers are stored locally on your phone locally and are not currently backed up on the WhatsApp server. If you log into WhatsApp on a different device, you will lose access to all custom stickers.

 How to Add custom stickers to Whatsapp on iPhone

Currently, we have not received any iOS app that allows you to create custom stickers for WhatsApp, so we will use computer and Android emulator for this purpose. BlueStacks is probably one of the best Android emulators available for Mac and Windows.

In addition, you will also need a secondary phone number to use WhatsApp on Bluetooth.

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To get a custom sticker for WhatsApp on iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • After the initial setup is complete, download and install the latest version of WhatsApp, ES File Explorer and Personal Sticker for WhatsApp from Play Store within BluetoothTrack.
  • From your computer, copy the new sticker image files to the BlueStacks shared folder. On MacOS, while holding the Option key, go to the Finder menu and click on the item and select Library. Then, navigate to BlueStacks >> SharedFolder. On Windows, navigate to C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ Engine \ UserData \ SharedFolder.
  • Using the ES File Explorer, go to Storage / SDcard / Windows / BstSharedFolder in BlueStacks, copy the sticker files from that location, and paste them into the download (storage / sdcard / download) directory.
  • Launch WhatsApp in BlueStacks and register with your secondary phone number.
  • Launch Personal Stickers for Whatsapp It should automatically detect the sticker images in the download folder and according to the available subfolders, they should sort in different sticker packs. If you want to create a customized sticker pack, use the sticker pack option available from the KABAB menu on the top-right corner, select the sticker that you want to include in the pack, give it a name and tap on the tick mark Confirmation To top right corner
  • To import into whatsapp, click Add adjacent in each sticker pack.
  • On your iPhone, send WhatsApp messages (for example, “Hello”) in the secondary number that you have just signed up in BlueStacks. If you do not keep the number saved in your contacts, you can use Whatsapp Direct to send a message directly using the phone number. A new conversation thread should be created in your secondary WhatsApp account (within BlueStacks).
  • Open a new conversation in your secondary Whatsapp account and verify that the newly added stickers are available in the new sticker library. Tap on one of them to send to your primary (iPhone) Whatsapp account.
  • On your iPhone, tap on the sticker you just acquired and select “Add to Favorites”.

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Now you can send a special sticker in any contact by selecting it from your favorites within the Sticker tab.

Note that you should not remove sticker images from the internal storage of your Android device. If you do this, then the sticker pack will not be available in the Whatsapp.


So, guys, this is you get How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers. I hope you like it and if you do then subscribe to our website and follow us on social media as well for the latest tech updates. Hopefully, you now understand How to Make Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android. If you have any problem or any idea.. then leave a comment below.?

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