How to Open Encrypted PDF without Password using an Effective Method?

How to Open Encrypted PDF without Password
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In this era of the digital world, everyone wants to have a digital copy of their Data and save their files in one or more applications. The PDF file is most popular among them, and so the password is also important for protecting the files. An encrypted file needs a password every time you want to open it. And having huge numbers of passwords may lead to the possibility of losing them. Here, we are providing you some methods to Open an Encrypted PDF without a Password.

How to Open Encrypted PDF without Password


Effective Ways to Open Encrypted PDF without a Password

  1. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. By using google chrome.
  3. Google Drive.

Take a tour of Adobe Acrobat Pro to Open Encrypted PDF without a Password:

Having Adobe Acrobat Pro try to open the PDF file you want for Decryption:

  • There is an option to view Password select that and now you are able to see it.
  • A lock icon will be present on the left side of the window with a lock symbol.
  • You have to go for Permission details next.
  • Choose File > Properties.
  • Select the “Security” tab.
  • Use the “Security Method” box.
  • Tap to “No Security”.
  • Go by “OK” to remove the password.

Google Chrome to  Open Encrypted PDF without a Password:

As time passes it is one of the simplest methods to Open a PDF file without a Password and also the most used technique.

  • Firstly open the Encrypted file with Google Chrome by simply right click on the file you will get the option to open it with Google Chrome.
  • Now you need to Enter the password for Decryption of it.
  • You will see now the File/Document is opened.
  • Next, you have to do is :
  1. Click on File.
  2. Export as PDF.
  3. Enter the file name.
  4. Set its destination.

Going for Google Drive  to Open Encrypted PDF without a Password:

Google Drive is one of the most preferable and best applications for all your Documents/Files so it is so easy to open the file with it, just go by the Drive and open the PDF file which is present on the Google Drive to open Encrypted PDF without a Password.

  • If your file is not present in Google Drive, upload the file in the Drive-by by pressing ”NEW” in the top-right corner of your Google Drive Window.
  • For accessing the Encrypted file you will need a command e, Ctrl+P (for Windows).
  • Followed by “Destination” press change this will lead to change the setting of your password you want to change.
  • “Select a Destination” followed by  “Local Options” will save your file to your desire location.
  • Now save the file now you will have the Decrypted PDF file.
In case the file is more secure and does not open by all this manual method. You can Grab the Sysinfo PDF Unlocker that is secure and convenient, which will also save you from future disconnection for this type of problem.


Having this kind of Problem is common, I have discussed the Effective and simplest method to Open Encrypted PDF without a Password, and switching to a professional way will save you from further misleading, saving your time.

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