Must Use Types of Android Keyboards You in 2019

Must Use Types of Android Keyboards You in 2019
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One of the great strengths of Android is undoubtedly to be able to customize the interface of his phone by simply using an application to install. Functionality taken by Apple since 2014 with iOS 8, third-party keyboards are generally popular with users. Here we are showing you the best selection of the most relevant to us whether for their many features, emojis or customization. By visiting here as well you may learn more about the top and all times best android keyboard you must use in your life at least once. I’m sure you will have an amazing experience. Here the thing you always need to remember that check the buyers trend of the market always first. This will allow you know what exactly people are buying from the market. This will also make it sure to allow you to choose the right option for you.


Android Keyboard Layout

The Google Play Store is full of alternative keyboards. Some are content with the bare minimum; others follow the trend or rely on personalization by themes. Finally, the last ones are trying to revolutionize the way we write on mobile. It is primarily a question of taste and habits, but perhaps this list, neither exhaustive nor ranked in order of preference, can it help you to form a first opinion.

We will mention first Gboard because the solution of Google is today the reference in the field. The application is regularly updated to bring new features and it already offers many features such as swipe, very effective prediction of words and obviously GIF options, stickers and research comprehensive. In addition to this, you can choose from several customization themes. What more?

We will also highlight the Fleksy keyboard, which has the merit of offering very specific interactions. To make the numbers appear, to capitalize or to use punctuation, you have to slide your finger on the screen. A little time of adaptation is necessary to take the fold, but if you wish a little originality it is worth it! Also, this app promises to respect your privacy by not recording any word you type: everything stays on your phone.

For emojis and the rather kitsch but funny side, we will turn instead to Kika who remains full in addition to being colorful. Chrooma , meanwhile, is great to enjoy a keyboard whose color fits the application you see. Beware however, some dubious practices on the app had been denounced by the community . The developers apologized for their clumsiness, but the confidence was still undermined.

Finally do not forget Ginger  is very easy to use and offers more games to trick your boredom or Swiftkey is still very popular.

Gboard Google Keyboard

Change the keyboard of your smartphone and go for the official Google solution. Gboard combines just about everything other keyboards. Here are 3 reasons you should download this application

  • Integrated google services
  • Customization themes
  • GIF and emojis

Fleksy Emoji & Gif keyboard

Fleksy is a very popular keyboard on Android – and also existing on iOS – which has the great particularity of being based on the following reasons or features.

  • Gesture navigation
  • Respect for privacy
  • Many customizations

Ginger French keyboard Emoji

Ginger is one of those keyboards so much it knows how to suit all users. There is everything that makes a keyboard of a great choice for smartphone users. Check below few of its main features.

  • Integrated games
  • A very complete keyboard
  • A shortcut bar provided

Chrooma Chameleon Keyboard

Chrooma is a keyboard very appreciated by those who do not like the monotony of a fixed theme. Indeed, this software adapts its color so that it is. Few of its main features you need to remember.

  • The color of the keyboard adapts to that of the app in use
  • An automatic dark theme
  • Very effective word prediction

Keyboard Kika,  QWERTY Keyboard, Emoji Gif

The Kika keyboard starts from a simple and very accurate observation: emojis have invaded almost all our means of communication. Social networks, etc Check below few of its main features

  • A slew of emojis
  • A colorful and endearing kitsch side
  • Plethora of options


Swiftkey is an alternative keyboard for Android and iOS with effective predictive input and a wealth of interesting options. Below are three reasons that SwiftKey must be in your smartphone.

  • An effective and customizable keyboard
  • Tap faster with Flow
  • Fixed 5 simultaneous languages

Remember again that this is our selection and not an exhaustive list. Do not hesitate however to propose your alternatives in the comments.

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