What Are the Things to Do in Kasol?

What Are the Things to Do in Kasol
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Kasol may be very widely known for tenting, tramping and for travel packers and it is worth visiting Kasol. Kasol is one of India’s most beautiful locations to travel. It is also called Mini Israel of India because many of the visitors are from Israel. A small metropolis in Parvati valley, Kasol isn’t only a travel location for guests however it’s miles a centre for human beings seeking out a smash from their workplace work. It is also one of the best trekking places near me.

What Are the Things to Do in Kasol

Some of the worth visiting places in Kasol are:



The Kheerganga River is famous due to the milky waters of the river flowing in all its vastness and the water flowing into Parvati valley from all factors of the hill. This is one of the most audacious and maximum laugh sports in Kasol.

Kheerganga is covered with snow for most of the year which is worth watching. It is really worth doing in Kasol.

Parvati River

The River Parvati is in Himachal Pradesh which flows through Valley Parvati. The river originates from the ManTalai Glacier, flowing north by Parvati Valley following to the Beas River near Kullu. The Parvati River is absolutely on the top which attracts Kasol. The view of Parvati river and valley is something really worth looking at while sitting on rocks and taking note of the continuous deep water sounds.


The ultimate village in Parvati Valley having street connectivity is Tosh. In the past few years, Tosh has transformed proper right into a go to holiday spot. Tosh is covered with snow and is one of the first locations in Kasol to have snow due to its height. People are coming in large portions to go to Tosh due to the primary snow. But alas now human beings are making buildings, shops.

But it’s miles really well worth touring Tosh, as it’s miles harbouring some of authentic trek routes and the entire valley opens up as one starts off, evolved off developed mountain climbing as much as higher altitudes.


Manikaran is located withinside the Parvati valley on the river Parvati. Manikaran is famous for pilgrims and warm springs. People from around the world come to take a fall in warm spring as it reduces stress. One of the exceptional hot springs as a geothermal power plant has been mounted right here and it enables the body to loosen up. This hot spring helps in healing muscle pain. There are famous temples of the Hindu immortal Krishna, Rama and Vishnu.

Hype Music Festival

Hype music festival is just a one-day event which is well supervised and is a steady song festival. Hype Music Festival is for younger people and adults. For the appropriate weekend it’s miles really well worth attending the song festival.

Parvati Shangri-La Festival

Shangri- La Festival has recently come between youths and within a short span of time it gained a massive popularity and become one of the most celebrated festivals in India every year. If you’re planning for a week ending in Kasol then it must be the one of the top worth locations a person could ever find and chill in. Famous DJs and singers perform in this Festival which is worth watching to see your favourite artists performing in front of you. This will be the best chance.


The ancient and the most historic village in India is none other than Malana. If you’re a history lover or love to know about the historicity then you should visit Malana. Malana is famous for many things like Malana cream, Hashish and many more. So it is really worth seeing an ancient village and the scenery is mesmerising.


In Kasol the vital things are none other than camping and trekking as they are well known sports, and there are more campsites providing finance and pleasant tenting packages. Some of the most beautiful and worthy treks in Kasol at lowest expenses.


Kasol reports snow blast  in winters from October to February, while its miles are worth watching at the hills. Experiencing snowfall in Kasol is a person’s dream and making plans inside the wintry weather season is really a pure bliss. Experiencing snowfall is a must for making the most from your holiday in winters.

For blizzard fanatics it’s miles the exceptional someone may want to ever revel in and if someone would not like blizzard they could additionally like it after seeing it.


Stroll to the nearby marketplace to select out memorials for yourself or everybody you desire to. In the marketplace Kasol, strollers sell objects at a low expense that is very fruitful to both the seller and the buyer. A place like Kasol sells semi-treasured stones, pendants and different trinkets. T-shirts are lavish and along with that printed t- shirts of Lord Shiva and more. Wintery stuff like pullovers, caps and coats may be offered at very cheap expenses. It is really well worth shopping from Kasol particularly for buying fanatics as they’ll get finance pleasant objects.

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