The Story behind Our Website Update and Branding Redesign!

Website Update and Branding Redesign
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A person forms an opinion about your website in around 0.05 seconds. That’s 50 milliseconds before they create an impression of your company and brand in their minds – one that will determine whether they stay on your website or leave.

In case you have not noticed, we made significant modifications at our web design firm. We have revamped our website with several exciting new features. We also announced a logo update to complement our new site’s modern style.

Website Update and Branding Redesign

These changes, however, took time to take effect. They were the result of months of work on our part. In addition, we are pleased with how hard our team worked to achieve these incredible outcomes.

We hope this sneak preview helps you comprehend the advantages of a website upgrade and branding redesign.


The story behind updating our website to keep up with the ever-changing Internet:

The story behind updating our website

We want to be clear right away. We kept our site the same because we wanted to change the format of our previous one. When we first developed the site, we were pleased with how it turned out. However, no website, no matter how well designed, is meant to survive indefinitely.

After all, the Internet is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Technology is continually evolving, and Google’s algorithm for ranking web pages is continuously updated. As a result, web design strategies that were ideal three years ago are often no longer the best alternative.

As a result, experts recommend that you update your website every three years. It is the most effective technique to offer your site the competitive edge it requires.

We realized it was time for a makeover after our site had been up for roughly three years. As a result, we started working on making it the best possible.

The story behind branding redesign was all about versatility and longevity:

Website Update and Branding Redesign

As much as we enjoyed our old identity, it was beginning to appear old-fashioned. We were concerned because we had only owned it for a few years. A decent brand should also last considerably longer.

We wanted a brand that would last the distance. So we got down to design our new appearance. Instead of dreaming large, we understood that the wiser option was the more cautious route.

In reality, when it comes to establishing small business branding, simplicity is vital. Companies that use fashionable typefaces and intricate logos take an unwise gamble.

After all, eye-catching solutions are more likely to appear outdated in a few years than clean, essential, and memorable ones. As a result, we decided to keep things as basic as possible.

But, beyond simplicity, we wanted our new identity to be more versatile than our previous one. Experimenting with more excellent colors, fonts, and logos would provide greater freedom. After all, web design companies like ours use their logos in various circumstances. It’s helpful to mix and match materials to achieve the desired aesthetic.

The Results of Our Branding Redesign are Plain to See:

The Results of Our Branding Redesign are Plain

We want to emphasize three critical parts of our branding redesign: new logos, colors, and typography. Each of these characteristics contributes to the endurance and diversity of our brand.

  1. A Simple and Modern Logo

When we decided to refresh our logo, we wanted to emphasize the space imagery in our brand. We wanted to do this since it would make our brand more distinct. It also illustrates our assertion that we push our clients’ marketing to new heights.

Consequently, the planetary logo you see on our site today was born. We chose this simple illustration since we knew it wasn’t trendy and wouldn’t seem dated in a few years. This is our primary logo. We may also use the symbol as an alternate logo in smaller locations.

  1. An enhanced Colour Wheel

The colors were one thing we knew we wanted to modify about our former brand. While we loved the four colors we chose, they limited our possibilities because they could only be used so many times.

Consequently, we updated our color pallet with six new hues: three primary and three accent colors. We also picked these colors with consideration. We used blues, purples, and greens to create a more toned-down and calmer image than we had previously. This muted tinting is less likely to seem old several years later than a more dramatic choice.

We made color wheels for ourselves to increase the versatility of these colors. These wheels supply us with several distinct tints that we may utilize for our colors. As a result, we have many possibilities when developing branded items.

  1. Eye-Pleasing Typography 

Our typeface is the final component of our branding overhaul that brings everything together. We understood that our new typefaces had to be easy on the eyes because our target audience would read them primarily online.

Together, these basic typefaces give the text on our website and print products a warm, friendly aspect. They are simple to read, visually appealing, and, most importantly, unfashionable. These typefaces will survive time, making our brand appear excellent for years!


If you are ready for an updated or rebrand, you are prepared for a website makeover. It would help if you had established your buyer personas, had content organized, and been looking for the best phoenix web design companies to do both duties to let the work live up to its full potential.

One of the most critical components of branding is ensuring that your brand is consistently portrayed across all channels. Remember that your web design company’s website is effectively the digital equivalent of a business card – it is the first impression many customers will get of your company. Even after a significant overhaul, if your website is inconsistent with your brand, you risk alienating a substantial section of present and future customers.

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