Why is Organic Vegetables Farming Important For You?

Organic Vegetables Farming
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‘Organic’ is a buzzword you can’t ignore. Whether you’re shopping in a supermarket or shopping for vegetables online, you’ll see a section dedicated to organic produce. Vegetables with the organic tag are usually a little more expensive. But, if you care about your health, it’s worth paying the difference. Of course, you need to first ensure that the vegetables you buy are actually being grown organically. This means they are grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic vegetable farming has long-term benefits for your health and the environment. Here are a few reasons why you should eat organic food.

Organic Vegetables Farming


Minimize your exposure to toxins

No matter how effective a chemical fertilizer or pesticide may be, it ultimately releases toxins in the vegetables that can damage cells in your body. Organophosphates, a pesticide used to kill insects was in fact used as a toxic nerve gas in World War I – you wouldn’t want to eat vegetables laced with this now would you? Since organic vegetables farming is centered on the production of food without any chemical agents, you are rest assured that the vegetables you eat do not contain any toxins. There is also no fear of exposing yourself to hormones used by commercial farmers wanting to increase their crop production.

Eat fresher food

Organic farmers usually sell their produce locally. Since they do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the vegetables may have a shorter shelf life and hence aren’t transported over long distances. As a result, you get the assurance of eating fresher vegetables. Some studies have also shown that chemicals can stress out a plant. When vegetables are grown without exposure to such chemicals, their roots are forced to dig deeper for nutrition and thus, the plant is not stressed. This, in turn, improves the flavour of the vegetables. Hence, when you shop for organic vegetables, you get vegetables that are not only fresher but also tastier. Also, one can opt for home farming, where one can grow vegetables on a small scale in their home gardens. However, you will need to get a grip on a few farming techniques and pest control. For this, you can always take help from pest control Vermont or your local available services.

Stay away from GMOs

Commercial farmers are more worried about meeting their produce targets rather than taking care of your health. They are likely to use Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO seeds. While GMOs do result in a higher yield, eating these foods may trigger allergic reactions. There is also concern that consumption of such foods may result in a higher risk for certain types of cancer. An easy way to keep yourself safe from consuming GMO crops is to shop for organic vegetables. Any food that has been certified as organic is guaranteed to have been grown without the use of GMOs.

Organic vegetables farming are beneficial for farmers, consumers and the environment. You get fresh vegetables free from toxins and harmful chemicals, the farmer get nutrient rich soil and the environment is kept protected. Did you know that the pesticide sprayed on the farms ultimately ends up in the oceans? Today, you can shop for organic vegetables online or on shopping apps and get them delivered to your doorstep. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s no excuse for not choosing the organic route.

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