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From where do you download your apps?

From the PlayStore or maybe the App Store?

But do you find it helpful enough every time? Guess not. The standby app store doesn’t provide you with the exact apps that you seek for.

This is why you always require keeping another app store on your smartphone. And, if you are looking for one, look nowhere else and go for 9Apps.

Here, in this app store, you can download any app of your choice with much ease. This app store contains numerous applications, hence, this is apparently the best app store alternative that you can get.


9Apps: What Is It and Why Choose It?

9Apps is an Android application distributing platform structured by a China-based organization named as Alibaba group.

This highly contained app store contains so many applications that are the reason it has a huge number of clients around the world. In most the nations 9Apps is the thing that utilized for downloading applications. It generally takes special care of its clients’ inclinations and afterwards gives the applications.

As per the client’s choice, it offers a lot of applications from that you should pick the one.

9Apps is the biggest application store that offers a large number of applications. The applications present in this particular app store are truly astonishing. Since here you can observe both the most prevalent applications that are accessible in the highest application store.

Close by applications that you can’t ready to find in any of the application stores. Subsequently, this application store is the best stage to snatch any sorts of applications in any numbers. You would prefer not to mess that this application requires much space.

It takes just a touch of memory space from your gadget in this way you don’t have any obstacle in downloading and introducing the application store.

Likewise, the applications accessible in this application store have less space contrasted and some other application stores. Along these lines, your gadget doesn’t have any space deficiency in any event.

9Apps: How to Download and Install It?


Here I have listed the ways that will take you forward in the process of downloading 9Apps and installing it successfully. Read this Whatsapp Dark Mode.

  1. Look for 9Apps in Your Search Engine

The first thing you need to do is look for 9Apps using your search engine. Be it Google, Bing or anything, you’ll definitely find a good number of sources that contain this application.

Though, to mention, if you ever try to search for 9Apps in the standby app store then you’ll definitely fail.

And the reason is pretty clear.

Who’d even want to promote their competitor?

So, coming back to the point, when you try to find 9Apps in the SERPs, you’ll find numerous pages containing this gem of an application.

  1. Get into A Source That Provides Feasibility

Now as you have found this application in a good number of pages over your respective search engine, you need to download it from one.

But which one to download it from?

Well, as 9Apps is a very popular application, a good number of websites use its name to lure customers to their PPC trap to earn Moolah.

Such websites try several types of techniques to fraud customers. Such as, they show users a number of buttons with a “download” tag on them. And when a visitor hits the wrong one, the CTA redirects them to some wrong websites misguiding them.

But, besides fraud websites, there are also a good number of websites that contain the actual apk file for 9Apps and are quite feasible to use.

  1. Hit The Download Button Once You Are Sure

So, once you find that perfect website that is pretty feasible and also contains the actual apk file for 9Apps, waste no more time to hit the download button.

Like I said earlier, 9Apps is such a popular app that a lot of websites use its name to fraud innocent customers who seek for it.

Now when you find the app’s apk file in the perfect place, and the download button is there which rises no further confusion in your mind, just go on hitting it once.

The action thus taken will redirect the customer to the thank you page of the website and eventually, the application will start getting downloaded.

Once it is complete, you require installing it.

  1. Wait till It Gets to the Install Page

So, once you have downloaded the application, you require finding the application from your list of downloads.

Now as you have found the application and you are ready to jump on the next step, just hit the install button that would pop up beside the name of the apk file downloaded which is, of course, 9Apps.

The application, taken, will take you to the installation window of your respective smartphone. There you’ll require reading the terms and condition that come in front on behalf of this fabulous application named 9Apps.

Now, as you complete that reading part, you need to go ahead and hit the “next” button. So, once you hit the “next” button, it will take you to the other side of the page which contains another part of that same list of terms and conditions.

Below that you will find the install button. To get the best out of 9Apps, you desperately need to go ahead and hit that very same button.

But once you try to do the same task, you’ll face obstacles using your Android smartphone or iPhone.

What’s that?

Let’s figure out in the next point.

  1. Enable The “Unknown Sources” Option

Android and iOS usually do not allow their devices to accept applications downloaded from other sites.

So, they have this thing in their phones that users require enabling the installation of applications downloaded from unknown sources.

Now, to install you’re the downloaded app you require enabling this option of “Unknown Sources” to complete the installation process.

So, as you turn on the “Unknown Sources” option, you need to come back to the installation page and then you can proceed further.

Thus, post the competition of the entire task list you’ll finally find the app working fine in your phone.


So, that was how you could download and install 9Apps in your phone irrespective of the platform they are built upon.

And, now as you know how it is done, I guess there is no query left in your mind.

What’s left?

Just get-set-download!

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