How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in Any Android

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How to fix Screen Overlay Detected: Mobile phones do not use an angle in today’s day, regardless of the people in the mobile today, there is nothing to work about. Find something about something or click on photos or watch videos. You can easily do all the work with the help of a mobile phone. And the use of Android phones is increasing rapidly in the whole world.

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How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in Any Android

Why is it that you get kind of mobile apps in Android but many times when we These Android installs the apples in the Web and give some permissions, then those speakers have a message show that the screen overlay is Detected and now you try to fix this problem, then this problem is not correct. What is this screen Overlay Detected at the end?  What is this screen overlay detective? How to fix it, that is how to turn the screen overlay detective (How to Turn Off Screen Overlay Detection problem), in today’s article, you will get complete information about screen overlay detective problem.


Screen Overlay Detected is a hassle-free problem that is repeatedly showcased when you permit any mobile app, when you permit any app, because of the screen Overlay On You see error of Screen Overlay Detected, with a message written (to change this permission setting, you have to turn off the screen overlay from settings apps), so many people follow steps. Overlay Off (Screen Off) relay off, but still does not stop, to solve any problem, first of all, you need to know what the problem is and why it came to know why to How to fix Screen Overlay Problem. Before it is necessary to know what is the screen overlay detective and when it comes to mobile and why? (Let’s know what is Screen Overlay detected).

Hey Guys, welcome back. Myself Aditya Rai and today in this post I’m going to tell you that How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in any android phone. So before going to our topic that is How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in any android phone first, we have discussed that What is Screen Overlay Detected.

What is The Screen Overlay Detected:/strong>

Screen Overlay in Android Mobile is an app part or feature that says, with the help of which the screen of the second app is run on top of an app in your mobile screen, means that the second app screen appears on top of a mobile app Or the Walk Overlay (Screen Overlay).

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected

Let’s think of it with an example. Suppose you are chatting with your friends in WhatsApp Messenger (Facebook Messenger) and at the same time you get a message in your Facebook Messenger, then a small icon in Messenger comes over the screens of WhatsApp chat That is to say that we call it the screen overlay and because of this, many of you get screen overlay detected in the mobile screen when you.

How to turn off Screen Overlay Detected on any Android Device?

Go to Mobile Settings and click on Applications

So here in order to fix the Screen Overlay Detected problem, first, you have to go to Mobile settings and then click on Application Settings> Applications

How to fix Screen Overlay

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2. Now click on More and then click on the apps that can appear on top.

As soon as you click on the application, you have to click on the application manager and after that, you will get all mobile apps here, which is also installed on your mobile, then after the above side more, you can see the option. Clicking it again then clicking on the apps that can appear on the top.

How to fix Screen Overlay

On some mobile phones, which can appear on the top of the apps that can appear on the top of the Display Apps, you have to click on ISP if you do not get the option to get the option on top, why do some options in some phones? Do not get written properly.

3. Now turn off all options and close all tab

Now you will see many apps that are installed on your mobile and the option to turn on them will turn you off one by one and then turn off all these options, after which all the apps open in your mobile Closing all those apps i.e. all the tabs (Close Tabs.

How to fix Screen Overlay

Note: In some mobiles, all these options will be different in some ways, if you do not get these options, then follow these steps for this.

Applications> Advanced> Special App Access> Display Over Other Apps Then click on one App Let’s select it again by its no.

Other than this, if you do not work in your mobile to stop all these options, then the apps that do not work will turn the apps option back here, then only those apps will work.

4. Now give permission to the mobile app

As soon as you close all the tabs, now you have to go back to the settings of the mobile, then you have to click on the applications, after which you have to select the app that is showing this problem in the mobile app. Screen Overlay Detected and then stop it forcefully and then by clicking permission, whatever permissions you need, give the mobile app that permissions.

How to fix Screen Overlay

So after following the up steps, after which the problem was being shown up in your mobile app, the screen overlay detected will no longer show on the permissions, even then, even if the screen overlay message. If this is happening then restart the phone about one and then follow these steps again, this problem will be solved in your mobile.

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So, guys, this is you get fix Screen Overlay Detected easily. I hope you like it and if you do then subscribe to our website and follow us on social media as well for latest tech updates. Hopefully, you now understand How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in Any Android. If you have any problem or any idea.. then leave a comment below.?

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