How To Protect Your Kids From The Most Dangerous Apps

Introduction: For all parents out there, thinking about the risk of your kids and the internet, this information is for you. First off, it is okay to be worried as a parent because the internet may be even more dangerous for kids than you think.

How To Protect Your Kids From The Most Dangerous Apps

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If you are going to protect your kids, then you should know a couple of important apps from which you should protect them.

Some of these apps are;

  • Afterschool
  • fm
  • Holla
  • Whisper
  • Snapchat

Now, we are definitely on the same page, as you want to protect your kids and we want to tell you how to do that.

Here are four proven ways to go about it:

  • Use parental monitoring software for online vigilance
  • Work on the privacy settings on their phones
  • Have a brief chat with your kids about their online interactions from time to time (this should be done in the friendliest way)
  • Ensure they come to you to approve of every app they want to use
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