LG V50 ThinQ at Cheaper Prices [Buy Now]

LG V50
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LG V50: LG Electronics is a South Korean based consumer electronics company. They manufacture every product a consumer needs for a home. LG in the past has released some of the iconic models in mobile phones. They were the once topping the mobile sales world over. Now by the introduction of 5G services in all countries, LG is gearing up for the new challenge. It has manufactured LG V50 ThinQ 5G to cater to the needs for faster networking.


LG V50 – ThinQ with the best price 

LG V50
LG V50

The technically superior and faster 5G has arrived at your doorsteps. To enjoy the speed of 5G and uninterrupted connectivity you need to use 5G compatible mobile phones.

Features of LG V50 ThinQ 5G

LG is always ready to manufacture for the customer’s needs. It has numerous solutions from hundreds of products. Today customer’s knowledge has widened they know everything about a product before purchasing any mobile.

This model is very sleek, compatible and a very attractive model. The clarity of the 6.4” phone display is superior with fantastic body colour and nice contrast features. This phone works on super speed and captures images at a fast speed. It is provided with 5 camera, three rear cameras and two front cameras for selfies. The quality of the picture is super-rich and catches every frame with fantastic quality. This 5G phone uses AI technology and is very useful in enhancing the captured pictures.

The audio is fantastic with Boombox Speakers. It gives one of the best audio experiences for a mobile phone within Bass mode. The speakers are electrifying and provide one of the best audio experiences for a mobile phone.

The phone has The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Processor provided especially for 5G phones, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor gives a great experience and superior efficiency.

The mobile is fitted with 4,000 mAh Battery & Cooling System. The batteries are massive and have high-energy-density, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G is capable of handling all the latest 5G applications without giving tension to the user. It is also fitted with a vapour chamber system to remove helps heat, and keep the equipment cool even with all the applications running simultaneously.

The LG V50 ThinQ 5G gives a fantastic and satisfying experience for the user. This model has all the latest features needed for today’s generation.

When the phone gets locked accidentally it is easy to unlock LG phone by contacting the online phone unlocking service provider.

LG and Verizon –  Information

LG has tied with service provider Verizon and launched the phone on 20th June. The logo of Verizon can be seen on the back side of the mobile. Verizon has earlier tied with other companies for their 5G network and now to cater the needs of its customers it has joined hands with one of the latest mobile device manufactured by LG.

With the tie-up with Verizon, the user can gain some of the fastest network available in the market. The LG phone will be available at $999, cheaper than any other companies’ phone with same features.

Verizon is servicing 5G network in some parts of Chicago and Minneapolis and will roll out its 5G services in many more cities before the end of 2019. LG mobiles will greatly benefit with the tie-up with Verizon as it is the largest telecom company in the US. Verizon provides various wireless services with many devices.

The tie-up will mutually benefit each other as both are technically superior companies with a variety of offers for the users. The user will greatly benefit when he goes for the Verizon as he could also access some of the finest phones available in the market.

A partnership between two companies will succeed only when both of them are complimenting each with their technology like LG and Verizon. Both companies have superior technology to support their products. When the phone gets locked the customer can contact the Verizon Company using Unlock network option and Unlock phone.

To Unlock LG phone without using the network operator can also be done through a third party phone unlock code provider online after paying the necessary amount.

Verizon is the market leader and LG V50 ThinQ being one of the superior models and the user will have a great experience with the combination of the two companies.

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