List of Top Three Online Converters

This era is all about sharing and connecting with one another. With the advent of modern technology, everything and everyone is now a single click distance from one other.

Due to this files sharing has never been easier. With a single click, one can deliver the files from one part of the world to another.

Similarly, for office work as well, one can send as many files with a single click. The problem arises when the files are not compatible with the recipient’s operating system.

Instead of downloading a software to make the files compatible (which itself is a tedious and hard-disk draining task), one can simply use online converters to convert the file/files in the compatible format

The great thing about these online converters is that these are mostly free and those that are not, are pocket-friendly

We have compiled a list of the three of the world’s best online converters

Online Converters

The Three Best Online Converters


This online converter is the world’s best as it has a lot of features. This file converter is the best as it provides services for free as well as for affordable packages. For those who want to experience a 5-star quality can also subscribe for premium packages and above. Some of the main features of this online converter are:

  • This file converter can convert any type of file format. These formats are DOC, PDF, images, archives, videos, and e-books
  • Conversion is speedy yet bearing excellent quality
  • The privacy of the clients and customers is the biggest priority and is never compromised by sharing it with the third parties
  • If the 24-hour version is not good enough, one can always opt for the premium version

This free converter is also another example of online converter. This online converter comes along with a lot of special features. Some of the main features of the ‘online-convert’ are:

  • Huge amount of file type formats available; including DOC, PDF, WinRAR, audio, e-book, video, image, archive, webservice, software, device converters, hash generator etc
  • The main thing about this online converter is that it is free
  • Supports many different webservice converters
  • Also has the main feature of hash generator, usually unheard for different converters
  • Also supports five different universal languages


This is again one of the most sought-out video converters. It is included in this list because it supports so many video and audio formats. Some of the main aspects of this free converter are:

  • This online converter supports all the video formats including mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, flv, avi, mov etc
  • The best thing about this file converter is that it is completely free of cost. One can easily convert the files without worrying about one’s budget
  • Biggest supporter of You-Tube; one can easily convert the videos from you-tube into the desired formats
  • Extremely fast, but never compromising on quality and sound
  • Will add Vimeo, Dailymotion on its portal shortly (for file conversion)
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